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Making a Will in New South Wales

By: Fernanda Dahlstrom

When making a Will in New South Wales, you make a written declaration describing how your property will be disposed of, after your death. It allows you to dispose of your assets and other possessions to which you are entitled at the time of your death, to your nominated beneficiaries and your creditors; otherwise, your property will be disposed of based on a statutory formula.

On your death, the executor you have specified in your will applies to the Supreme Court for probate, meaning they will receive title to your property and dispose of it in accordance with your will.

The legal requirements for making a will in New South Wales are strict; it is recommended that you have a lawyer assist you with writing your will. The NSW Trustee & Guardian, a government body, will write your will for free, providing you appoint them as your executor, in which case they will charge fees for administering your estate.